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The Key Skills a Social Media Manager Needs for Success

The Key Skills a Social Media Manager Needs for SuccessWe all understand the value of social media both for our clients and for our own businesses, and how this area of digital marketing needs specialist skills to get the most value out of it. Many agencies are finding that they do not have these skills within their marketing departments, or that the scope of their social media requirement is too large for a marketing assistant to manage alone. Here is where the social media manager steps into the brink!

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How I Became A Social Media Manager – Career Advice

Rebecca Hepinstall Social Media Manager Financial TimesRebecca Heptinstall is the Social Media Manager at the Financial Times. Named in LinkedIn’s 2013 top 10 most engaged FTSE marketers, highlights from her time at the FT include reaching 1m followers on Google+, more than doubling its social media audience and working as part of the best global PR team in the world. 

In this blog post Rebecca shares here with Source LF blog readers how she became a social media manager. If you would like to tell the story of how you have developed your career then leave a comment or contact us on Twitter @wearesource.… Read more

How I Became a Social Media Manager

Have you ever considered a career as a social media manager? If you have a gift for communication and a love for social media, this might be your dream job. The role of a Social Media Manager is a very exciting one and with the importance of social media in marketing it is a very crucial one. You could be the brand ambassador who is responsible for creating the public image online for a company.

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