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Why Good Communication Is Vital For A Successful Freelance Career

Why Good Communication Is Vital For A Successful Freelance CareerIn the ever-growing world of freelancers, you need to stand out from the crowd and put your best foot forward if you want to claim those jobs and clients. If you’re on board with an agency, you’ve already made the ideal first step, but here we’ll show you how to get the edge on your peers.

Freelance Career Tips – Communication

What’s the #1 thing you absolutely must get right as a freelancer?

No matter how skilled you are in your trade, no matter how savvy you are with the numbers, the one thing you need to learn to take your to the next level is communication.… Read more

Have You Got What It Takes To Be A ‘Manager’?

Management skills for people without experienceWhen you climb up the career ladder, it is inevitable that at some stage you will reach a role that involves managing other people. Unlike for those who go directly into a management role, it can be difficult to take on this challenge without any formal training: especially when people management comes as a side effect of gaining a more senior media role.

However, if you want that promotion you will not only have to acknowledge that management comes with the title, you will also have to embrace it.… Read more

Identifying The Skills Gaps In Your Team: Skills Gap Analysis

Identifying The Skills Gaps In Your TeamIf you notice deteriorating motivation within your team or start to hear negative feedback about certain people or teams then hear those alarms bells ringing. You may have some skills gaps in your team that are causing problems or frustrations.

A skills gap analysis could quickly help you put measures in to resolve the problem.

In the creative industries, a gap in an agency’s high performing teams can create potentially expensive problems: quickly. There are many facets to a creative agency, each as important as the next, and when one part of the agency is weak it jeopardises the whole.… Read more