How Do I Know I’m Worth My Salary?

How Do I Know I'm Worth My SalaryBeing offered a new job can be exciting, and often we sign on the dotted line without giving enough consideration to what we are actually being offered. So it’s important before you accept any job, to look into the salary and whether it is an acceptable rate.

Are you being paid what you are actually worth? In the creative industry salaries and rates tend to differ between a range of jobs. There are various aspects to consider when thinking about how much you may be worth and several actions you can take to get an estimate on what salary to expect.… Read more

You Say You’re Leaving – But Then You Get A Counteroffer – What Next?

You Say You're Leaving - But Then You Get A Counteroffer – What NextSince the credit crunch and recession have started to become a memory rather than an economic reality we have seen the rise of the counteroffer, as agencies try to retain their staff rather than face the cost and time involved in recruiting and training. There are two ways to handle the situation: Put simply you can stay or you can go.

Are Counteroffers A Good Thing?

Personally, I see counteroffers as potentially dangerous for candidates.  Everyone I interview has their own reason for leaving and it is rarely monetary. … Read more

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

pay rise, salaryWhen it comes to salary, we would all like to earn more and sometimes we need to be prepared to put ourselves out there to get it. If you have been working in the same role for a number of years and feel you are consistently performing above and beyond your role, or are being paid less than the market rate, there is no harm in trying to negotiate a pay rise.

However, it is important that you don’t just waltz into your manager’s office and demand more money or threaten to leave, you must take time to consider why you deserve a pay rise.… Read more