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You Say You’re Leaving – But Then You Get A Counteroffer – What Next?

You Say You're Leaving - But Then You Get A Counteroffer – What NextSince the credit crunch and recession have started to become a memory rather than an economic reality we have seen the rise of the counteroffer, as agencies try to retain their staff rather than face the cost and time involved in recruiting and training. There are two ways to handle the situation: Put simply you can stay or you can go.

Are Counteroffers A Good Thing?

Personally, I see counteroffers as potentially dangerous for candidates.  Everyone I interview has their own reason for leaving and it is rarely monetary. … Read more

Flexibility – Key to Career Success

Flexibility - Key to Career SuccessHave you ever found it difficult to get the next job in your career? Do you fear that you’ll never reach your dream role; that something insurmountable stands between you and career success? You’ll find career success as soon as you learn to be more flexible!

Flexibility in all areas of life can help you achieve career success and help you inspire others to find their own version of success, too. But what exactly does it mean and how can you get there?… Read more

Best Places Near Team Spirit

For anyone working in a new agency or starting a freelance role, getting lunch, meeting people and grabbing something from a cool shop nearby can be tricky. That’s where our ‘Best Places’ series comes in. We have interviewed staff from agencies across the country to provide you with insider knowledge and today we are looking at the Best Places near Team Spirit.

Team Spirit are a fully integrated agency for the financial sector offering marketing strategy, branding, PR, advertising, digital, DM, internal communications and event management.… Read more