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Managing Your Focus When Looking for a Job

looking for a jobDistraction….

It can be, well, distracting.

And time, something there is never enough of. The last time I was looking for a new role, I found time and distractions to be the two stumbling blocks that I kept coming across when trying to apply for new opportunities.

So I had to train myself to be focused in my job hunting efforts, whilst still performing in my current role.

I had to learn to avoid distractions – that bit was tricky, as I can make pretty much anything a distraction.… Read more

Time Management Advice From Hypnotist Zoe Clews

time managementHypnotist Zoe Clews has a lot of experience helping professionals learn skills for time management. Although her consultations naturally involve hypnotherapy, there are many techniques you can learn for yourself without being hypnotised. In this guest post Zoe shares seven steps for programming your subconscious mind for effective time management.

We are all trying these in the office, let us know if you do too.


How To Programme Your Subconscious Mind For Effective Time Management


Many of us struggle to focus on our working lives in the way that we would like to.… Read more

How Do I Know I’m Worth My Salary?

How Do I Know I'm Worth My SalaryBeing offered a new job can be exciting, and often we sign on the dotted line without giving enough consideration to what we are actually being offered. So it’s important before you accept any job, to look into the salary and whether it is an acceptable rate.

Are you being paid what you are actually worth? In the creative industry salaries and rates tend to differ between a range of jobs. There are various aspects to consider when thinking about how much you may be worth and several actions you can take to get an estimate on what salary to expect.… Read more