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10 Steps to Find a New Job in the New Year

10 Steps to Find a New Job in the New YearAs a new year approaches, most of us have some plans for what we want to achieve for the year ahead. Often this means ‘out with the old and in with the new’, and you might be thinking about securing alternative employment.

According to a pan-European study by ADP, The Workforce View in Europe 2015/16 published last month, UK employees are the least loyal in Europe with a staggering 47% of them planning to move jobs by 2018!

If you are one of them, looking to secure a new job in the New Year, these ten steps should get you started.… Read more

Using Social Media At Night: Lights Out Or Phone Out?

Using Social Media At Night Lights Out Or Phone OutFacebook for many of us is a large time filler, entertainer and connector to the outside world. There are many positives Facebook brings; including connecting distant friends and family, and sharing thoughts, videos, pictures and experiences with those you might not otherwise have the chance to. But how much time should we really allow for social media? What are the mental effects it has on society, especially the younger generations?

Recent studies have shown that school children using social media at night, to heavy extents, are at an increasing risk of depression and anxiety.… Read more

Managing Your Focus When Looking for a Job

looking for a jobDistraction….

It can be, well, distracting.

And time, something there is never enough of. The last time I was looking for a new role, I found time and distractions to be the two stumbling blocks that I kept coming across when trying to apply for new opportunities.

So I had to train myself to be focused in my job hunting efforts, whilst still performing in my current role.

I had to learn to avoid distractions – that bit was tricky, as I can make pretty much anything a distraction.… Read more