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Are You Being Googled? Personal Brand Guide for the Creative Industry

Personal-Brand-We-See-What-We-Want-WeAreSourceBeing a creative person, the chances are you love what you do and you are passionate about your work.

There’s also a good chance that in all the creative flurry, you have forgotten to market yourself.

Many creative people are often so caught up in their work that they forget to market themselves and the outcome is they suffer both financially and on the career front.

You already have a Personal Brand

The thing is, whether you consciously market yourself or not, you are marketing yourself.… Read more

Marketing Yourself in the Job Market

Marketing Yourself in the Job MarketKeeping your profile looking strong in your chosen field of work isn’t just important when you’re job hunting: if you want your career to progress successfully, it’s an ongoing marketing exercise you need to manage, refine and run throughout your whole career.

A few generations ago, people who changed jobs more than once or twice in their careers were labelled as “job hoppers” and considered a bit shifty and scatter-brained. That was back in the days when companies and public sector organisations often did offer “jobs for life” with a good pension at the end of them.… Read more

12 Steps to an Effective LinkedIn Profile

12 Steps to an Effective LinkedIn ProfileAn effective LinkedIn profile is an essential thing to have if you want to be successful. If you are looking for a job there is simply no argument. Not that it can make you successful in its own right but a failure to be found on LinkedIn could lead to someone questioning your credentials. It could be the difference between getting an interview and not getting an interview. In the latter stages who you are connected to and what they say about you could be the only reason you miss out to someone else.… Read more