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Professional Development – It’s Down to You!

professional development, CPDI am a huge believer in personal and professional development, and I passionately believe that those with the right mind set will always find ways to further themselves with or without support.

My story…

In the professional world, I would always argue that you have to take responsibility for your own development. My first manager told me that I would achieve a promotion once I promoted myself.… Read more

How A Blog Could Get You Your Next Job

blogging-personal-brandAre you a blogger? Are you a fan of Tumblr or more of a WordPress devotee? If you do blog, is your blog optimised for your personal brand and career success? If you are not sure what I mean and want to find out how to use a blog to land your next job, read on.

Blogging is not just the preserve of “Mummy Bloggers” and recruitment bloggers, like us! If you are not using a blog to share your work, no doubt you will be aware of people who are.… Read more

10 Design Interview Tips for Success

In this post, Angela Owusu-Banno offers some tips that will help you succeed and make a great first impression at your next interview for a design job.

Hurrah, you’ve got an interview for your dream design job! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, interviews can be stressful; especially when it can feel like your entire career is riding on it. However professional your CV and creative your portfolio, these are just the tools to get you that interview.… Read more