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How I see my role as a Recruiter

When I started in recruitment I was promised I could earn lots of money quickly, which you can.

I was hooked. I had to do this job.

I was chasing money, I admit that I got into recruitment to earn money and leave the industry as soon as possible.

I soon found out that what came with this job was unethical practices, which I just did not like.

Lying to people, sending companies CVs they do not want, unnecessary amounts of cold calls amongst some.… Read more

How To Be “Yourself” In A Job Interview

Interviews can be a demanding process, you need to demonstrate your skills, your ability to be the ideal employee, your ambitions and enthusiasm, and of course, you need to be “yourself”.

That is a lot to achieve in a stressful situation that typically lasts around an hour.

Most of the media candidates I work with find being “themselves” the most challenging part of the job interview.

Job Interview Tips

First things first, don’t be afraid to act like you.  Clearly you need to act like a professional; your future boss doesn’t need to see what you look like on a Friday night after a few sherbets! … Read more

What Does Your Handshake Say About You?

Handshakes…. ask anyone if they have ever experienced a bad handshake and 90% of your audience will nod their head. Ask a room of recruiters and you will see heads furiously pounding back and forth as memories of limp handshakes flood their mind.

You will see some rub at their palms, grimacing, with the recollection of pain from an over enthused sales person who mistook a professional handshake for a wrestle. You will watch as a few reach for antibacterial wipe as they recall the chap with the sweaty fingers who left a not-so-great impression.… Read more