maternity leave

The New Shared Parental Leave Scheme

The New Shared Parental Leave SchemeThis guest post comes from Nick Singer an employment law barrister with extensive experience working with employers and employees in tribunals. Here he shares details of the new Shared Parental Leave scheme which came into force this year; a must read for all employers.

New laws have come in, which give parents the right to share childcare responsibilities. This is known as Shared Parental Leave (SPL). To trigger rights under this scheme a mother can either end her Maternity Leave (ML), tell her employer the date that she will end her ML or end her maternity pay or allowance.… Read more

Maternity Leave – How to Ensure Smooth Transitions

Maternity Leave - How to Ensure Smooth TransitionsAre you or an employee about to go on maternity leave? Read our post about how ensure an effective handover at work: and how to make a smooth transition back to work when maternity leave ends.


Maternity leave signifies a momentous time in a woman’s life. While your pregnancy, or an employee’s may not have had any significant impact at work in the lead up to maternity leave; this is all about to change. Agencies and employees need to work together to make a smooth transition into maternity leave, and then back into work when maternity leave ends.… Read more

Going On Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave - How to Ensure Smooth TransitionsPreparing to leave work to go on maternity leave is one of those big moments in life, and as exciting as it may seem, it can also be  quite daunting for various reasons:

  • Handing over your work/will your replacement work out
  • Coping with parenthood
  • Coping financially
  • Knowing your rights
  • Losing your identity at work and being kept up to date with events and your industry

Most women ideally like to start their maternity leave at 38 weeks, but as a lot of mothers know, this does not always go to plan and you may need to start your maternity leave earlier.… Read more