Market Research

5 mins with…Managing Director Anna Wills

market researchLast week I shared some great insights into using bespoke online communities for market research with Anna Wills of Tonic UK. This week we have more insight from Anna on careers in market research and her role as Managing Director.

Watch the video interview below if you would like to find out more about working in and running a market research agency. She also has some interesting things to say about the different challenges faced by market researchers working both client and agency side.… Read more

Industry Insight: Managing Director Anna Wills – Online Communities

We hanna willsave a great couple of video interviews for you with Anna Wills of Tonic UK. Anna shares her thoughts on bespoke online communitiies and market research.

Market Research And Bespoke Online Communities

In the first of these interviews Anna gives us an overview of how bespoke online communities function, what their purpose is, and how they differ from traditional focus groups. If you are interested in how bespoke online communities are changing the way brands are conducting market research, this is a valuable insight.… Read more