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Digital Project Management: Do You Need a Producer or Manager?

Digital Project Management Do You Need a Producer or ManagerWorking with clients in the digital sector gets you used to change moving at a fast pace. As consumer habits evolve, as new platforms emerge, as technology shapes and creates trends, job titles and skills have to adapt to the times.

One area where digital and creative agencies seem increasingly unsure is over the role of digital project managers and digital producers. Some think they need one, when after going over project details and aims, the other is more suitable. It can be too easy, when writing job descriptions, to blur the lines between the two roles and hope for the best.… Read more

How I Became a Digital Project Manager

IHow I Became a Digital Project Managern the first part of our series where we show you what it takes to become a particular role/ job in London’s Marketing, Advertising and Digital Agencies, Charles Day talks to us about how to become a Digital Project Manager. If you want to find out how to be a project manager or progress your career read on. If you want to share your story in the same way let us know…


Charles Day is a Freelance Digital Project Manager. Read more