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Should There Be An Internet Age Limit?

Should There Be An Internet Age LimitOfcom recently released their Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report 2015. In which, they showed study research and results focusing on the younger users of the Internet.

The study aims to measure the levels of understanding younger users have about how the Internet works, in terms of advertising and marketing.

Conducting a critical look into the awareness of research engines, Ofcom used a focus group of users between the ages of 12-15 years.

In order to test the user’s Internet advertising knowledge, the focus group were shown the results from searching ‘trainers’ into a search engine, and given multiple answers to what they believed the results suggested.… Read more

How The MTV EMAs Used Social Media For Marketing

How The MTV EMA's Used Social Media for Marketing“MTV says that by allowing YouTube stars to curate the show and through experimenting with Instagram and Snapchat, the European Music Awards is giving sponsors, such as Activision’s Guitar Hero, more exposure among millennials than ever before” reports MarketingWeek.

For this year’s awards, MTV made it available for all those unable to attend the event, to remain up to date, with live streams via the MTV app.

Using social media to spread the word

The brand has demonstrated their youth appeal though introducing Instagram’s new ‘Boomerang’ app – whereby 5 photos are taken in a second and curated together to go on a repetitive play and rewind loop.… Read more

The Key Skills a Social Media Manager Needs for Success

The Key Skills a Social Media Manager Needs for SuccessWe all understand the value of social media both for our clients and for our own businesses, and how this area of digital marketing needs specialist skills to get the most value out of it. Many agencies are finding that they do not have these skills within their marketing departments, or that the scope of their social media requirement is too large for a marketing assistant to manage alone. Here is where the social media manager steps into the brink!

If you are in this position, what specific skills should you be looking for in a candidate?… Read more