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What Is An Integrated Designer?

What Is An Integrated DesignerOnce upon a time, companies relying on strong design work would employ a number of people of various specialisms. In any given design team you could find a graphic designer, a brand manager, a web designer, and others. Nowadays, with many companies becoming leaner, more flexible and mobile, and with many new companies working with smaller, remote teams of freelancers and part-time staff, the expectations of designers has changed.

The role of “integrated designer” has gained popularity recently due to this – so what is an integrated designer, and what kind of work is available for you if this job description describes you to a tee?… Read more

London Fashion Week 2015: Fashion Meets Technology

LoLondon Fashion Week 2015 Fashion Meets Technologyndon Fashion Week sparked much imagination this year, especially with the news of the coming launch of the Influencer Network; an exclusive hub where brands can discover and contact creatives, celebrities, bloggers, ranging across fashion, beauty and lifestyle for collaborations.

Social media made its appearance in the form of the photo messaging app, Snapchat. Having teamed up with Burberry, the app was used to debut their spring/summer 2016 collection. Read on to find out more…… Read more

Presentation Design – Creative Director Emma Sexton

Presentation Design - Creative Director Emma SextonIn this interview I spoke to Emma Sexton, Founder and Creative Director of Make Your Words Work. Here she talks about presentation design and the increasing demand for designers to be able to use software such as Powerpoint.

If you are a designer who is looking to branch out into this area of design you should find Emma’s insights and tips very useful. However, presentation design has some limitations, specifically in the capabilities of the software available.

Are you one of those designers who refuse to work in Powerpoint?… Read more