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Creative Career Insights with Rory Sutherland – VIDEO

The creative industry is awash with talent, or so it seems.  Actually accessing industry leaders and then encouraging them to impart their creative career experience is, as one might expect, an increasingly difficult task.

When you’re setting out on your creative career journey, you don’t need reminding that you need a leg up.  That’s where Source comes in.  We provide you with exclusive interviews from a selection of the creative industry’s go-to authorities.

On this occasion, Rory Sutherland of Ogilvy reflects on his own creative career path, one that spans a quarter of a century.… Read more

Creative Career Insights with George Prest – VIDEO

Creative Career Insights with George Prest - VIDEOcareer.

To ensure you retain a full set of dentures, we’ve interviewed a number of creative industry experts to help bring you the information you need to launch and/or enhance a dazzling creative career.

We have been lucky enough to sit down and discuss the state of the market with some of the industry’s finest creative people. On this occasion, we bring you the condensed interview with George Prest of R/GA.

In this exclusive interview, George Prest offers us insights into his career to date.… Read more

Creative Career Insights with Damon Collins – VIDEO

Getting the information you need from people with a go-to reputation and relevant experience in the creative industry is no easy task. In these days of hyper-connectivity, industry experts can market themselves and become fully-booked within hours. When you’re just starting out, accessing creative career advice is critical, but often hard to come by. This is just one of the reasons we’ve interviewed a whole host of experts with more knowledge and experience in the creative industry than you can shake a stick at.… Read more