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Are Freelancers More Creative Than In-House Designers?! Discuss!

Are Freelancers More Creative Than In-House DesignersIt is a contentious issue. Whether freelancers are generally more creative than permanent employees. Naturally both camps have their own strong views. Therefore, whether you are looking to turn a freelance appointment into a permanent role, or want to bring in freelance talent into your agency, you will want to understand how this might affect creativity and be aware of both sides of the argument.

Who Is More Creative?

I’m not picking sides instead I’ll adjudicate, who do you think is the more creative in the Freelance Vs Permanent debate?… Read more

Sticking to a Budget During the Change Management Process

How to Stick to a Budget During the Change Management ProcessChange is part of any business and is a necessity for an agency to grow and stay competitive within the creative industry. All sorts of changes might occur; from staffing levels, restructuring of departments and processes, to mergers and changes to the agency’s offering.

Here at Source LF we have had recent experience of this with the merging of Source and Lipton Fleming at the beginning of 2014, and the subsequent growth in our team.

Change Management And £££££s

In my experience some changes are difficult to manage, while others are much easier.… Read more

How to Manage Flexible Working in the Creative Industry

There has been the misconception for some time that unless you work the standard 9-5 hours, you are not really working. This is far from the truth and the world of work is changing and becoming more flexible than ever before. We are beginning to realise the importance of a work life balance; people have family commitments, appointments….or let’s face it, most of us just get tired of the whole daily routine.

With the new legislation on flexible working, which allows employees to make a request to work flexibly, an increasing number of employers are understanding that this can be a positive development for attracting and retaining staff.… Read more