The Secret to Being a Successful Freelancer

The Secret to Being a Successful FreelancerIt’s hard to be a freelancer.

Okay, let me qualify that statement a little: it’s hard to be a successful freelancer.

When you made the decision to go it alone, you probably didn’t know many other people who were doing the same. You gave up your job and rolled the dice, and you realised quickly that there’s no manual for this. No careers advisor to help you. No easy-to-reach mentor who could guide you through it. As freelancers, we’re often on our own, and we’re making it up as we go along.… Read more

How I Became A Copywriter – Career Advice

how to become a copywriterEver wondered what it takes to be a copywriter? Do you think you’ve got what it takes to break into this creative industry? If you’re thinking about copywriting as a career choice, read this guest post from Adam Lowe , copywriter at Collective London. He describes how he got started as a copywriter and gives advice on landing your first jobs in the industry.

As we have seen in other posts in the How I Became A… series, attributes such as determination, self-belief and a creative approach to self promotion can be more valuable than professional qualifications to get a foot in the door.… Read more

What It’s Like To Be A Digital Copywriter

digital, copywriterGuest blogger and digital copywriter Tom Newman shared How I Became a Digital Copywriter in a previous post. This week we asked Tom what it’s really like to be a digital copywriter.

Are you interested in a role as a digital copywriter? Read our interview with Tom to find out what the role is really like:

The Role Of A Digital Copywriter

The role has two parts. First, the role requires that you come up with entertaining and persuasive ideas that start in a digital space but ideally should expand into everyday life.… Read more