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Dealing With Difficult Employees

employeesWe’ve all met them; difficult people who somehow manage to rub everyone up the wrong way.

It’s OK if you only have to deal with them occasionally. But what if you have to work with them day-in-day-out? What if you were the one who employed them?!

Managing tricky personalities in the workplace is a true test of your leadership. Whether they are disruptive, rude, arrogant or plain lazy, their presence can create negativity, frustration and resentment amongst those working alongside them.… Read more

How to Answer the 3 Most Difficult Interview Questions

difficult interview questionsInterviews are always nerve wracking and even the most experienced interviewees can find them a daunting prospect. No matter how well you prepare, it can take only one question to throw you completely off course, so much so, you just want to run for the nearest exit. You should therefore consider the most difficult interview questions you could possibly be asked when preparing for the big day. Here are some of the toughest questions I have posed to interviewees, and ways to answer them to your own benefit.… Read more