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How to Avoid Talent Shortages and Retain Staff

retain staffAlthough talent shortages seem to be an issue throughout many industries, it is a particular challenge the creative, digital and media sectors. The areas of , especially have many opportunities for the talented candidates, which makes retaining your best employees all the more important.

You only need to undertake a bit of headhunting to realise that most people are willing to hear about new opportunities, very few will say they are completely happy where they are; the grass is always greener…

If you want to hold onto your key talent, you need to be prepared to put in the work.… Read more

Have You Looked In House For Your Digital Recruitment Needs?

Have You Looked In House For Your Digital Recruitment NeedsThe need to hire skilled digital professionals is on every businesses’ agenda.  The marketplace has changed so much in the last two decades and technology dominates. In a few short years the digital transformation has been intense. Customers tweet their comments, air their complaints on Facebook, and content is king. There is no more important time to ensure you are building an exemplary digital journey for your business.

Recently we invited Oliver Rees from Decoded to talk about the global war for digital talent and he highlighted the concept of hiring from within.… Read more

Attracting the Brightest Lights To Your Agency

Attracting the Brightest Lights To Your AgencyIt’s a fact: recruiting the best talent in the industry is not easy. These candidates are high in demand for a reason, they’re good. It is a competitive business attracting top candidates to your agency – you are up against plenty of other agencies too – therefore you need to take a proactive approach to recruiting these individuals; whether they are looking for a new role, or not.… Read more