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What Do Recruiters Look For In A CV At First Glance?

What Do Recruiters Look For In A CV At First GlanceIt can often be difficult to put skills and experience into a CV in such a way that it will attract the attention of recruiters and lead to an interview; and it can be highly frustrating to be turned down for interview, especially when you know you have the right skills for the role.

In a competitive sector with many potential candidates it is important to ensure your CV makes an impact. Recruiters will generally only spend a few minutes scanning a CV for key information that will determine whether they give it a thorough going over.… Read more

5 mins with…Chief Strategy Officer Martin Smith

5 mins with…Chief Strategy Officer Martin SmithAre you aiming for the top job of Chief Strategy Officer? If so you will be interested to watch this interview with Martin Smith, Chief Strategy Officer at Cake, part of the Havas Group, and an agency that specialises in brand entertainment.

Becoming A Chief Strategy Officer

I talked to Martin about how got started in this industry, his interest in brands, and what his responsibilities are now. Martin also shares some great insights into his management style and the role of a senior member of a creative team.… Read more

Dealing With Difficult Employees

employeesWe’ve all met them; difficult people who somehow manage to rub everyone up the wrong way.

It’s OK if you only have to deal with them occasionally. But what if you have to work with them day-in-day-out? What if you were the one who employed them?!

Managing tricky personalities in the workplace is a true test of your leadership. Whether they are disruptive, rude, arrogant or plain lazy, their presence can create negativity, frustration and resentment amongst those working alongside them.… Read more