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What Employers Need To Know About Christmas Bonuses And Gifts

What Employers Need To Know About Christmas Bonuses And GiftsTis the season to be jolly’ and with Christmas looming just around the corner, you might want to show that it’s not all work and no play, by giving out gifts to your staff. Although a simple gesture, gifts and bonuses can be a good way to show appreciation, but there are some points that employers should keep in mind, before dishing out any gifts or bonuses to members of staff.

What Are The Benefits Or Bonuses?

Improve Staff Retention

If you are looking to keep your talented staff, a reward at Christmas can go a long way to making them feel valued and appreciated.… Read more

Project Management: Lessons From Top Creative Agencies

Project Management Lessons From Top Creative AgenciesEffective project management is a skill creative start ups need to learn quickly if they are to stand any chance of surviving the first few months and years. Here founder of Thrive, Jerome Iveson, shares eight project management lessons he believes start ups can learn from the big agencies.

Startups exist in an ecosystem of uncertainty

Limited timescales, small budgets, lack of experience and high expectations all add up to an even higher chance of failure. Startups are born and grow in the same wing and a prayer environment that has forged many of the world’s top creative agencies.… Read more

The Challenges of In-House Recruiting

The Challenges of In-House RecruitingThe secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” Steve Jobs 

Recruiting the right talent is exceptionally important and will, ultimately, determine how successful a business is. But how to get recruitment right?

There are two options available to organisations; use external recruiters, or keep it in-house. While there are benefits to keeping recruitment in-house, including consistency throughout the process, there are also many challenges to choosing this form of recruitment.… Read more