How I see my role as a Recruiter

When I started in recruitment I was promised I could earn lots of money quickly, which you can.

I was hooked. I had to do this job.

I was chasing money, I admit that I got into recruitment to earn money and leave the industry as soon as possible.

I soon found out that what came with this job was unethical practices, which I just did not like.

Lying to people, sending companies CVs they do not want, unnecessary amounts of cold calls amongst some.

Complete B.S!

It just didn’t fit my moral compass. I didn’t see what true value this was adding to anyone.

When I started to align my own core inner beliefs to how I recruited, my outlook on the industry and how I approach my work changed massively.

I now love my job. I love speaking to UXers every day, I love helping people get to the next level in their careers.

Every day now I go into work I feel I’m to the industry.

The trick I found was to align my core values with my work.

What do I actually do day to day? 

“Tom, what do you actually do day to day? You never seem to be at your desk.” I get asked this a lot.

I take my role as a very seriously, I see it as a role which can affect many people positively so I’m constantly asking myself “How can I add more value to my market?”.

I see the role as part sales, content creator, advisor, mentor, networker, writer (beautiful job ads) and so much more.

I DON’T cold call.

I DON’T send random CVs

I DON’T have a lot of KPI’s

I DON’T “smash” the phones every day.

I DO network.

I DO create content.

I DO create communities in the industry.

I DO place people. (Arguably, the most important!)

I believe in adding value 

I don’t cold call, I don’t send random CV’s, I don’t have my phone time monitored. Why?

This doesn’t add any value in the industry I recruit for.

Most importantly, it doesn’t add value for me.

I believe as a recruiter we’re in a powerful position, we can help people change their lives. We can be the difference of someone getting a dream job or not.

I want to be exceptionally good at developing connections and networks that may prove to be useful in the future.

I believe one of the keys in doing this is showing the industry you genuinely care not just about what they do, but also about themselves.

This is why I like to run events, build communities via social media and use social media actively as I feel I can reach out to more people.

I also enjoy meeting everyone I put forward for roles, as this adds great value to the candidate so they know who is representing them in the market and making sure they’re being represented correctly.

In short, sitting behind my computer screen all day would add no value. Plus, I’d get bored.

I love to get out and meet people and build long lasting relationships.

The one question I ask myself every day 

“What value can I bring today for both clients and candidates?”

I start each working day with one ritual.

I simply sit for 30 minutes and think on what are the main topics in the industry right now, what are people struggling with, ideas on how I can improve what I do.

I put this ritual of doing 30 minutes of thinking every morning before I start with going through emails and other daily tasks, down to my recent success.

I’m obsessed with adding exceptional value for my clients and candidates.

I will stop at nothing to achieve that.


is coming to the recruitment industry at a rapid pace.

Only the best will survive.

Only the recruiters who add the most value across every touchpoint across the hiring process with clients and candidates will survive.

Asking yourself “How I can add more value?” will help you realise what value you can add.