What Does Your Handshake Say About You?

Handshakes…. ask anyone if they have ever experienced a bad handshake and 90% of your audience will nod their head. Ask a room of recruiters and you will see heads furiously pounding back and forth as memories of limp handshakes flood their mind.

You will see some rub at their palms, grimacing, with the recollection of pain from an over enthused sales person who mistook a professional handshake for a wrestle. You will watch as a few reach for antibacterial wipe as they recall the chap with the sweaty fingers who left a not-so-great impression.

A handshake can leave a terrible first impression; do you know what your professional handshake says about you?

In a recruitment scenario, every meeting will involve a handshake. It is one of the first things to occur at the start of an interview and can set the tone. You want to aim for a firm grip, a confident shake and then let go. It sounds simple but yet so many candidates get it wrong, as this very brilliant video demonstrates…



So if you have ever been tempted to adopt the fist bump or equally bad, the decliner, think again if you want to make a great impression with a potential new boss.

How do you know what your professional handshake feels like?

Seriously, practice shaking hands! It may sound laughable but we have had clients cite overzealous shaking, and flimsy touches as part of the reason to not continue with a candidate’s application. Therefore it is vitally important to get right.

So shake hands with your mother, your father, your best friend, even your friendly recruitment consultant, until everyone is happy that you have a professional shake that simply cries out that you are there to talk business.

Practice makes perfect – even in a handshake.

Got a horror story?! Or want to share your thoughts on creating a great first impression, leave a comment below – we’d love to hear your experience.