Are Smart Homes Smart Enough?

Are Smart Homes Smart EnoughWhat is a well read topic, especially of late, is the idea of technology in the future. Are we taking things too far? Are we just a drop in the ocean with inventions? What does the future look like from now?

There are a lot of innovative new technologies becoming part of our everyday lives in the past decade or so. In the past few years the concept of a ‘smart home’ has proved popular and began implementation into our everyday lives.… Read more

Digital Project Management: Do You Need a Producer or Manager?

Digital Project Management Do You Need a Producer or ManagerWorking with clients in the digital sector gets you used to change moving at a fast pace. As consumer habits evolve, as new platforms emerge, as technology shapes and creates trends, job titles and skills have to adapt to the times.

One area where digital and creative agencies seem increasingly unsure is over the role of digital project managers and digital producers. Some think they need one, when after going over project details and aims, the other is more suitable. It can be too easy, when writing job descriptions, to blur the lines between the two roles and hope for the best.… Read more

Developing Your Career Through Your Creative Portfolio

Enhancing Your Career Through Your Creative PortfolioDoes your portfolio really showcase your talents and make creative agencies sit up and take notice? Or does it lack direction and focus, with a mishmash of work and projects that don’t really convey who you are and what you can do?

Read on for my advice on how to streamline your portfolio and give your creative career a boost.

5 Ways To Improve Your Portfolio

Just as I would recommend tailoring your CV to a specfic job application, your portfolio should be compiled for both the role you are after, and the agency you hope to work for.… Read more