How The MTV EMAs Used Social Media For Marketing

How The MTV EMA's Used Social Media for Marketing“MTV says that by allowing YouTube stars to curate the show and through experimenting with Instagram and Snapchat, the European Music Awards is giving sponsors, such as Activision’s Guitar Hero, more exposure among millennials than ever before” reports MarketingWeek.

For this year’s awards, MTV made it available for all those unable to attend the event, to remain up to date, with live streams via the MTV app.

Using social media to spread the word

The brand has demonstrated their youth appeal though introducing Instagram’s new ‘Boomerang’ app – whereby 5 photos are taken in a second and curated together to go on a repetitive play and rewind loop.… Read more

How To Get An Art Director To Notice You

How to Get an Art Director to Employ YouDo the kinds of jobs you are interested in mean that you need to get noticed by the agency’s Art Director? Many creative roles are managed and overseen by an Art Director, who might be recruiting a team for a specific project, or filling vacancies within the creative department.

In larger agencies Art Directors head up specific projects or campaigns, typically overseen by a Creative Director. Frequently partnering with a Copywriter, Art Directors often have a reputation for delivering a particular kind of work, and anyone wanting to work with them will need be a great fit for this creative dynamic.… Read more

Are You Eagerly Awaiting the Launch of Angular 2.0?

Are You Eagerly Awaiting the Launch of Angular 2.0Angular is a, JavaScript supported, web development framework for creating applications, using modern web standards.

The release date is somewhat unclear but the speculation to the lead up is not.

Angular 2.0 is soon to be released, and what’s to be expected can only be described as radical changes. There has been a variety of responses to the pending release. Excitement conflicted with doubt, by why?

Aside from one of the contributing creators in the team, Rob Eisenberg, jumping ship half way through the development, it is certain that Angular 2.0 is very much a scratch rewrite of AngularJS.… Read more