What Employers Need To Know About Christmas Bonuses And Gifts

What Employers Need To Know About Christmas Bonuses And GiftsTis the season to be jolly’ and with Christmas looming just around the corner, you might want to show that it’s not all work and no play, by giving out gifts to your staff. Although a simple gesture, gifts and bonuses can be a good way to show appreciation, but there are some points that employers should keep in mind, before dishing out any gifts or bonuses to members of staff.

What Are The Benefits Or Bonuses?

Improve Staff Retention

If you are looking to keep your talented staff, a reward at Christmas can go a long way to making them feel valued and appreciated.… Read more

Emoji Soars Through The English Language Taking Top Spot From Oxford Dictionary

emojiNearing the end of 2015, we witness Oxford Dictionary pronounce the word of the year as none other than an emoji. More specifically, the ‘Crying with Laughter Face’ or otherwise known as ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ as mentioned on the Oxford Dictionary’s website. This is the first time a pictograph has captured Word of the Year honours.

Many might argue this to be incorrect as an emoji is not a word, it is a symbol. However, with this rising popularity of the emoji trend this year has seen this particular emoji used globally across all language barriers, globally, as a communicative tool.… Read more

The Secret to Being a Successful Freelancer

The Secret to Being a Successful FreelancerIt’s hard to be a freelancer.

Okay, let me qualify that statement a little: it’s hard to be a successful freelancer.

When you made the decision to go it alone, you probably didn’t know many other people who were doing the same. You gave up your job and rolled the dice, and you realised quickly that there’s no manual for this. No careers advisor to help you. No easy-to-reach mentor who could guide you through it. As freelancers, we’re often on our own, and we’re making it up as we go along.… Read more