Don’t Get Caught Out (Changes in Employment Law)

employment lawEmployment law is constantly changing and as such, it is imperative for agencies to ensure they are keeping up-to-date with changes and always meeting their legal obligations.If you are an employer then read this post to ensure you know where you stand.

It is important for organisations to understand how these updates may affect their business and whether there is cause to make changes to the employees’ terms and conditions. Here I outline several changes made to the employment law since 6 April 2014 which employers should be aware of.… Read more

Psst…! Top Secret Jobs (Where to find Unadvertised Positions)

unadvertised-jobsDid you know that approximately 50% of jobs are unadvertised? Surprising isn’t it?  I imagine to a dedicated job seeker, it is a little frustrating. Is there a secret club you need to be part of to hear about these elusive top secret jobs, or a recruitment company you should be registered with in order to gain access to these unadvertised jobs?

The burning question is – how do you find these unadvertised positions?

Where to Find Unadvertised Jobs

A job could be unadvertised for a variety of reasons; it could be a confidential role or the agency is not investing budget in advertising. … Read more

Effective Ways to Manage Long Term Absence

long term absenceLong term absence can affect your business, so how can you effectively manage it? If your agency is currently affected by an employee being on sick leave, you will know how difficult it is to remain sympathetic when everyone else is trying to take up the slack. Here we look at ways to manage long term absence and help get your employee back to work.

Long term absence can be highly detrimental for a business. It can cause disruption, a reduction in productivity and this can end up being very costly.… Read more