Managing Your Creative Team: Culture and Ethos

Managing a creative team can be enormously challenging, but with the right leadership it can also be an exciting adventure for all involved. Management and leadership can be taught, and many people benefit from some kind of formal instruction, but for lots of us it is an organic role as we are either promoted from the ranks to a position such as creative director, or we set up our own creative agency.

If you are taking on the additional responsibilities of managing a team, or perhaps you are about to recruit your first employees to your start up agency, you would do well to glean what you can from your more experienced peers.… Read more

How To Be “Yourself” In A Job Interview

Interviews can be a demanding process, you need to demonstrate your skills, your ability to be the ideal employee, your ambitions and enthusiasm, and of course, you need to be “yourself”.

That is a lot to achieve in a stressful situation that typically lasts around an hour.

Most of the media candidates I work with find being “themselves” the most challenging part of the job interview.

Job Interview Tips

First things first, don’t be afraid to act like you.  Clearly you need to act like a professional; your future boss doesn’t need to see what you look like on a Friday night after a few sherbets! … Read more

Interview Attire: How to Dress to Impress

Interviews require a lot of forward planning. Research needs to be undertaken, you need to prepare intelligent questions, you need to find out why you’re the right fit for the job.


You need to dress to impress!

Sales candidates need to be aware that the first impression they give to an interviewer will be visual – over a third of hiring managers will make their decision based on the first 2 minutes of meeting a potential employee! And that first impression is what prospective clients will also see, so the interviewer is not only looking at your interview attire to see whether you are dressed appropriately, but also how you will present yourself to clients.… Read more