What To Do When It Goes Quiet – Tips For Finding Freelance Opportunities

What To Do When It Goes Quiet - Tips For Finding Freelance OpportunitiesBeing a freelancer can be unpredictable at times.  There will be weeks where you are inundated with projects and feel like you are burning the midnight oil more than you would like. Then you will an encounter a stark, scary contrast when your inbox is so quiet you find yourself sending test emails to make sure it is actually working.

However the quiet times can be really productive and not necessarily down time. It is all about knowing what to do with the time when you have it.… Read more

How to Manage Flexible Working in the Creative Industry

There has been the misconception for some time that unless you work the standard 9-5 hours, you are not really working. This is far from the truth and the world of work is changing and becoming more flexible than ever before. We are beginning to realise the importance of a work life balance; people have family commitments, appointments….or let’s face it, most of us just get tired of the whole daily routine.

With the new legislation on flexible working, which allows employees to make a request to work flexibly, an increasing number of employers are understanding that this can be a positive development for attracting and retaining staff.… Read more

The Structure Of Media Planning And Buying

media planning and buyingMedia planning and buying jobs are a bit like pick ‘n’ mix; some of them combine the two roles into one, others separate them, and in some larger agencies the roles operate from individual departments.

Many of the media candidates I work with have had experience of these differences and it makes me wonder what is the best structure for employees, and the most effective for their clients?

I spoke to some of my contacts in the media planning and buying world to see what they thought.… Read more