Asking For A Promotion

Asking For A PromotionAsking for a promotion can be tricky. Not to mention nerve wracking. It requires prior planning, identification of your next role, definition of that role, and the skills necessary to do that role. And then you need to ask. The hidden truth is, as daunting as putting yourself forward for a bigger role is, employers love team members who want to drive their career forward. Over achievers are always welcome in any business.

Identify the need

If you are ready to assume a more challenging role, first you need to identify what that is and how it fits into the agency.… Read more

Answering Interview Questions Like “Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Answering Tricky Interview Questions Like Where Do You See Yourself In Five YearsMost of us hate the question, ‘Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years time?” I remember being asked it, shortly after graduation, and being literally dumbstruck. It can be a killer question.

So why ask?

It can be a great question to really highlight the future ambitions of the candidate sitting in front of you.  If you have prepared for this question you can really highlight how your ambition fits with the agency you are applying to work within, and demonstrate your understanding of the role.… Read more

Beating Interview Nerves: Creatively

Beating Interview Nerves CreativelyNerves can get the better of even the most confident of people.  I know in the past, when I have been for an interview, I have been the victim of cotton wool mouth and shaking knees.

In fact, I found, the more interested in the role, the more nervous I became.

Apparently, inability to form sentences is not on many hirers most wanted list.

You can reduce susceptibility to nerves by ensuring you are perfectly prepared for the meeting. Knowing everything about the agency, the hiring manager, and your own background means you should enter the interview suite feeling like you have done all you can in advance.… Read more