How to Properly Research an Employer Before an Interview

How to Properly Research a Company Before an InterviewThere are two questions that are pretty much guaranteed in an interview process; what you know about the company and why you want the job. In order to be able to answer these questions effectively, you need to conduct some thorough research on the agency or organisation you are applying to.

If you attend an interview and don’t know anything about the company, you are very unlikely to get the job. In my experience when interviewing candidates, I have asked this very question and on numerous occasions been met with a blank look.… Read more

What Makes a Good PM Freelancer Great?

What Makes a Good PM Freelancer GreatThis piece is the follow up to The Best Project Managers Are Freelance… True or False?. The article looked at all the aspects of whether in the current candidate short market, all the ‘best PM’s’ were currently out freelancing. In short the answer was largely a Yes, a large portion of good Project Manager candidates are freelance because the market conditions currently support it.

What came out is that there were certain attributes that made some freelancers great and some not so much – so why not take a more detailed look at this, if the best people are freelance then what are they doing that really works and how can people really hone their skills to become a great freelancer?… Read more

Asking For A Promotion

Asking For A PromotionAsking for a promotion can be tricky. Not to mention nerve wracking. It requires prior planning, identification of your next role, definition of that role, and the skills necessary to do that role. And then you need to ask. The hidden truth is, as daunting as putting yourself forward for a bigger role is, employers love team members who want to drive their career forward. Over achievers are always welcome in any business.

Identify the need

If you are ready to assume a more challenging role, first you need to identify what that is and how it fits into the agency.… Read more