Future proofing your organisation in a digital economy

Future Proofing

In 2015 employers must consider their own brand, their motivators and the hygiene factors they offer when attracting, securing and retaining talent.

Turnover in our industry is around 30%, which is 20% more than the British average and costs us around £84 million! It takes on average 21 weeks for person to make impact at between 150 – 400% of their salary*. So with salaries being driven up, the war on talent is becoming an even more costly experience, there needs to be a focus on how to attract and retain talent – a focus on creating a fantastic environment where true innovation and creativity is encouraged.… Read more

A Behavioural Economics Voyage With Dr Alastair Goode

A Behavioural Economics Voyage With Dr Alastair GoodeIf you work in market research you will be aware of how people’s unconscious decision-making process can potentially skew market research studies. Here we take a voyage with Dr Alastair Goode into the unconscious where he explores the problem that if people’s decisions are mostly unconscious is there any point in asking questions in the first place?

The Impact Of Behavioural Economics On Market Research

A client recently said to me “The problem with what you do is that it proves that market research is useless”.… Read more

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

pay rise, salaryWhen it comes to salary, we would all like to earn more and sometimes we need to be prepared to put ourselves out there to get it. If you have been working in the same role for a number of years and feel you are consistently performing above and beyond your role, or are being paid less than the market rate, there is no harm in trying to negotiate a pay rise.

However, it is important that you don’t just waltz into your manager’s office and demand more money or threaten to leave, you must take time to consider why you deserve a pay rise.… Read more