Bright Lights, Big City: Are You Prepared To Relocate To London?

Bright Lights, Big City Are You Prepared To Relocate To LondonI have seen lots of CVs over the years that state that the candidate is “prepared to relocate for the right job.” It does make me wonder how much thought has gone into this statement. Of course, many people are actively looking for a new job that will allow them to relocate; and, of these, the vast majority of creative and design candidates have their sights set on London.

There are clear advantages for making this geographical move, particularly from an area with limited opportunities to work in advertising, digital or marketing.… Read more

Career Advice from Digital Technical Director Jon Harvey

ICareer Advice from Digital Technical Director Jon Harveyn this interview Jon Harvey of Cherry Advertising shares key insights into digital roles such as Creative Technologist and Digital Technical Director. If you are interested in working in digital marketing, whether you are just starting out or looking to make a move from another sector, this is a must read!

For further information about these roles, or if you have any questions about jobs in digital marketing please leave a comment at the end of this post.

What three bits of advice would you have for someone wanting to be a Creative Technologist?

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You’ve Met The UX Unicorn, Now Meet Its Arch-Enemy: UX HiPPO!

A You’ve Met The UX Unicorn, Now Meet Its Arch-Enemy UX HiPPOwhile ago, my colleague Nick Grantham drew on some of his experiences of recruiting for UX departments over the last four years to theorise about what might make the perfect UX Designer:  The hoof of the Web-Developer, the sagely beard of the Analyst, the tail of the Project Manager and the pointed horn of the Designer.

While the UX Unicorn might be an idealised and mythical creature, its nemesis, and the latest creature in the UX Zoo, most certainly is not!… Read more