Industry Insight: Managing Director Anna Wills – Online Communities

We hanna willsave a great couple of video interviews for you with Anna Wills of Tonic UK. Anna shares her thoughts on bespoke online communitiies and market research.

Market Research And Bespoke Online Communities

In the first of these interviews Anna gives us an overview of how bespoke online communities function, what their purpose is, and how they differ from traditional focus groups. If you are interested in how bespoke online communities are changing the way brands are conducting market research, this is a valuable insight.… Read more

How Do I Know I’m Worth My Salary?

How Do I Know I'm Worth My SalaryBeing offered a new job can be exciting, and often we sign on the dotted line without giving enough consideration to what we are actually being offered. So it’s important before you accept any job, to look into the salary and whether it is an acceptable rate.

Are you being paid what you are actually worth? In the creative industry salaries and rates tend to differ between a range of jobs. There are various aspects to consider when thinking about how much you may be worth and several actions you can take to get an estimate on what salary to expect.… Read more

Introducing Innovation Stories: A Creative Social Event

creative eventInnovation Stories is a unique event exploring innovation’s twists and turns. Back for a third year on Monday 6th July, this event sold out the first two years and with this year’s brilliant line up, it’s set to do the same.

Curated by Innovation Social – the support group for innovation folk – and in partnership with Creative Social – a collective of the world’s most pioneering creative directors and business owners - the session is set to be a massive dose of inspiration and creativity.… Read more