Is Cultural Fit More Important Than Skills And Experience

Is Cultural Fit More Important Than Skills And ExperienceA statement that I often present to clients when we are laying out a job description is this one:

“Hire for Culture, and train for skill”

Why Is Cultural Fit Important?

Because in my opinion getting the cultural fit right when hiring a new team member is crucial. Bringing a new individual into your team instantly puts your group of experienced employees back into a ‘forming’ and then ‘storming’ stage of team dynamics.

Get the cultural fit wrong and you may find you have a team that cannot function as a unit, where literally, one bad apple upsets the cart.… Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Creative Director And An Art Director?

It is not an uncommon question, the difference between an Art Director What Is The Difference Between A Creative Director And An Art Directorand a Creative Director. In fact in some instances they may be interchangeable, particularly in smaller agencies where the role is more fluid. However, in larger agencies where both roles exist together, there are clear distinctions between the two.

Whether you are planning your career trajectory, or looking to recruit a new creative member to your team, it is worth considering what the two roles mean in most agency settings.… Read more

Diversity, Collaboration, Integration: What we learnt at Innovation Stories 2015

creative eventThis month Source LF partnered with Creative Social’s sister organisation, Innovation Social, to bring you Innovation Stories. Held at Digitas LBi, this ground breaking event observed, commented on and analysed the innovation industry’s main pivots as it has matured from upstart and protagonist to matured thought leader and leading light.

The high profile line up of speakers presented real, first hand innovation case studies which whetted the audience’s hunger for inspiration and provided us with the inside track on how to integrate innovation into business.… Read more