5 Mins With…Dave Birss, Head Of TV

head of TVAt last month’s Mini Cannes I caught up with Dave Birss again to ask him for 5 minutes of his time. Luckily for us, and you, he was happy to go on camera sharing insights into his career.

What Does Head Of TV Mean?

I was intrigued to find out what Dave would have done differently in his early career, if he could go back with the knowledge he has now. We also wanted to find out more about his role as Head of TV, what the most rewarding parts of his job are, and what the future holds for him.… Read more

Have You Looked In House For Your Digital Recruitment Needs?

Have You Looked In House For Your Digital Recruitment NeedsThe need to hire skilled digital professionals is on every businesses’ agenda.  The marketplace has changed so much in the last two decades and technology dominates. In a few short years the digital transformation has been intense. Customers tweet their comments, air their complaints on Facebook, and content is king. There is no more important time to ensure you are building an exemplary digital journey for your business.

Recently we invited Oliver Rees from Decoded to talk about the global war for digital talent and he highlighted the concept of hiring from within.… Read more

Identifying The Skills Gaps In Your Team: Skills Gap Analysis

Identifying The Skills Gaps In Your TeamIf you notice deteriorating motivation within your team or start to hear negative feedback about certain people or teams then hear those alarms bells ringing. You may have some skills gaps in your team that are causing problems or frustrations.

A skills gap analysis could quickly help you put measures in to resolve the problem.

In the creative industries, a gap in an agency’s high performing teams can create potentially expensive problems: quickly. There are many facets to a creative agency, each as important as the next, and when one part of the agency is weak it jeopardises the whole.… Read more