Talking about the ‘F’ word at Creative Social

creative socialLast Monday we saw over 100 creative people attend the year’s last Creative Social event. The ‘F’ word we discussed isn’t quite what you’d think, it was in fact the Future. It was explored in all it’s entirety, from sci-fi through to mental well-being. Here’s our round up of what happened…


Creative Social Round Up


The evening began with a spot of networking over drinks, mingling with a range of people from agency side and in-house alike. This was followed by talks from some of the industry’s most experienced professionals.… Read more

The Key To Overcoming Workplace Negativity

The key To Overcoming Workplace NegativityWorkplace negativity can spread like wildfire; it is contagious and needs to be dealt with quickly to avoid disastrous results.
A performing team needs a manager who isn’t afraid to tackle negativity and use all their power to create a positive working environment.

No matter how strong a leader you are, with a team of differing abilities, roles, and personalities below you, at some point you will face workplace negativity. Negativity is always a barrier to getting things done, slows productivity and heavily impacts morale.… Read more