The Key To Overcoming Workplace Negativity

The key To Overcoming Workplace NegativityWorkplace negativity can spread like wildfire; it is contagious and needs to be dealt with quickly to avoid disastrous results.
A performing team needs a manager who isn’t afraid to tackle negativity and use all their power to create a positive working environment.

No matter how strong a leader you are, with a team of differing abilities, roles, and personalities below you, at some point you will face workplace negativity. Negativity is always a barrier to getting things done, slows productivity and heavily impacts morale.… Read more

CS Presents: The Future 2015

Creative social presents

We spoke to James Kirk, Project Lead at Creative Social, to find out what to expect at CS Presents: The Future. Get insight into the speakers, how to get tickets and much more…

What is the theme of this Creative Social?

For the last CS Presents of 2015 we are looking into The Future to see what agencies, brands and people need to do to succeed in an industry moving at light speed. What tech is shaping the future of the industry for start-ups? … Read more