The Rise of UX Developers

ux developerI have worked with a lot of UX consultancy and information architecture clients over the years. Often clients are not entirely sure what they require for these kinds of roles. A UX designer, or a developer, or someone else? A useful analogy I use when talking about the different skills they need on projects is building sites!

This post is designed to clarify the skills you need in your team, and what you should be putting in your job brief.

Watching an architect’s designs transform into a new building has a lot in common with the creation of digital products.… Read more

Ballsy Brands Quarterly With Jon Burkhart

Tomorrow evening will see the unique Jon Burkhart, founder of content marketing consultancy TBC London, present BBallsy Contentallsy Brands Quarterly, otherwise known as BBQ.

The event will run from 5.30pm to 8.30pm and can be located at WeWork Devonshire Square, near Liverpool St tube station.

We spoke to Jon to get an insight into what we can expect.

The purpose of the event:

The purpose of Ballsy Brands Quarterly is to meet interesting people who work in tech, start-ups, media and marketing in a relaxed environment that doesn’t feel like work.… Read more

Talking about the ‘F’ word at Creative Social

creative socialLast Monday we saw over 100 creative people attend the year’s last Creative Social event. The ‘F’ word we discussed isn’t quite what you’d think, it was in fact the Future. It was explored in all it’s entirety, from sci-fi through to mental well-being. Here’s our round up of what happened…


Creative Social Round Up


The evening began with a spot of networking over drinks, mingling with a range of people from agency side and in-house alike. This was followed by talks from some of the industry’s most experienced professionals.… Read more