Job Description- Account Planner

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What is the role of an Account Planner, Comms Planner or Strategist?

  • The Planner will love learning and challenging consumer behaviour and a key focus will be providing insights, strategies and briefs for clients. An intelligence gatherer in brand strategy, Planners are by nature acutely observant, naturally inquisitive and healthily sceptical!
  • As Planner you will spend a lot of time with the consumers perceived or defined as well as carrying out primary and secondary ethnographic research to unearth insights into how they shop. These trips will include visits to consumers, audience segmentation, consumer group research, focus groups and specific digital metrics.
  • The Planner will then be responsible for translating these insights into briefs that inspire brilliance from the creative teams.
  • Moreover, as a Planner you will be an exceptional thinker; able to simply articulate your ideas in front of clients, creative teams and agency partners alike.
  • As a Planner you should be able to digest large amounts of information (primary and secondary research) and offer a strong point of view.
  • Roles are highly remunerated for strategic thinkers and ‘insight miners’ who understand cutting edge consumer insights, trend analysis and emerging platforms.

Skills and experience necessary for this role:

Research, analysis, presentation and judgement.

Required work experience:

Minimum 2 Years


Starting out at around 25k and up to around 80k for senior and experienced Planners.

Types of company/agency common for this role:

Creative, Media, Brand and Research agencies.

How many people is an Account Planner, Comms Planner or Strategist likely to manage?


Jobs that could lead to this role:

Analytical roles in digital or media.

Jobs that lead from this role:

Agency Head.


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