Health and Safety In Creative Environments

health and safetyEmployers are responsible for taking care of their staff in the workplace and ensuring processes and procedures are put in place to keep them safe. There are various methods employees may choose to implement to improve safety, including signs to alert staff to dangers or workstation checks to ensure staff are comfortable.

Health and safety procedures are not just vital for the construction industry and similar environments where dangers might be more apparent, but also for those who are working in an office or studio environment. In my experience, there are many reasons for ensuring health and safety is efficient within the workplace.

Prevent Accident Claims

If employers are involved in an accident at work, even a simple trip or fall, they are entitled to apply for compensation. These accident claims can be significantly reduced by taking simple measures to increase safety, including adequate signage. In a previous job, I was present when a colleague slipped on a wet floor and was injured in the process and this was partly due to a lack of signage to alert to the dangers. Training is also important for keeping staff updated on the health and safety law. The advertising industry may seem like the kind of environment where accidents wouldn’t exist, but these can be caused in many ways you would never imagine!

Reduce Absenteeism

Health and safety can take all kinds of forms, including stress and slips and falls. Any accident can cause staff to be absent from work, which will cause added pressure for other people within the agency. The best way to reduce absenteeism or avoid it completely, is to take the right health and safety precautions and ensure training is top of the agenda.

Improve Reputation

The reputation of an agency can suffer greatly if there are seen to be a high number of accidents and claims against the company. It can also cause insurance to rise. There is no need to let it get to this level if the right safety measures are taken.

Increased Morale

Health and safety doesn’t just come down to accidents, it also comes down to the health of staff and how they feel about their role and the company. When the right health and safety precautions are taken to make employees feel comfortable and valued within their role, levels of morale improve which can only be a positive thing for business. I have seen many occasions where staff have left organisations due to high levels of stress and this can have a negative effect on everyone in the business.

What unique health and safety issues do you have at your agency or workplace? Have you ever been involved in an accident at work? Please share your experiences below.