Diversity in the Creative Industry … All talk no action ?

in the Creative Industry … All talk no action?

“Lack of diversity in the creative industry”. There it is again. Still deemed as one of the major issues preventing creativity and innovative thinking. It has become evidently clear that the majority of creative thought leaders share this opinion, and are touting it as the obstacle standing in the way of new ideas, progression and growth. I’ve previously written about the importance of diversity, so now I’m keen to understand what is stopping it from flourishing in a palpable way.


Experiments have been developed, executed and proven that increasing diversity and being different is the way to foster creative thought. So how do we encourage difference and diversity? These were some of the ideas all used and put into play via said experiments, and included the following 1.Sack off job titles 2. Hire people with no industry experience to get fresh ideas and new perspectives and 3. Do away with groups of like minded people, and 4. Change the creative process.


The end result? Creative thinking, new ideas and rejecting preconceived boundaries, which in turn correlates to the increase of innovation. However, have these results actually begun to make their way into the day to day world of the creative industry? Apparently not… The term is still being bandied around and whilst experiments have proven tangible results, it seems that there is a long way to go to put these practises into place to get the desired affect in real life.


The experiments have been brilliant – The Great British Diversity Experiment and Misfits and Madmen to name a couple. They are increasing awareness and are pushing the issue and providing quantifiable results to prove the point. However my question is this … how do we transition these processes into the day to day world in agencies? Can we actually take action as drastic as getting rid of job titles, and is anyone really going to hire someone to work in their agency with no relevant experience what so ever?


It all sounds like a great idea, but why are we still facing the exact same challenges? How can we actually implement these ideas? And my main question…. Is there a disconnect between the vision of thought leaders who can see the significance of diversity and those who are actually making the decisions that have the direct effect on diversity? Is it really all talk and no action?


To get to the bottom of this I would love the opportunity to get the opinions of thought leaders, decision makers and those who develop and oversee hiring plans and strategy across the creative sector.


If you are interested and available to speak to me I’ll be running a series of short interviews to get further perspective on the issue. I’m keen to understand the current challenges being faced and to get some fresh ideas around how to make diversity a reality. I’ll be posting my findings in a follow up blog, so please get in touch if you want to get involved, drop me a line to