Creative Social Presents: Innovation Vs. Creativity


We’re thrilled to announce that Source LF are, once again, sponsoring the next installment of Creative Social! We caught up with Founder, Daniele Fiandaca, to see what the has in store for it’s sold out crowd…


What is the theme of the event?


and Over the last few years the industry has been fixated on the word ‘innovation’. But what does it mean? And what is its relationship with creativity? How are they different? Does it really matter?

We have assembled a group of creative leaders to help define creativity and innovation through projects they have worked on as well as some industry observations. They will also discuss the importance of each, in terms of shaping the future of the and which is best placed to save it.


Is there anything in particular that inspired this theme?


As Innovation becomes embedded in the advertising mix, the industry is keen to discuss its place alongside creativity – we wanted to get the topic debated by a mix of traditional creative’s and innovation leaders to get the wider industry questioning current thinking, whilst also pondering future predictions.


Who are the speakers and why were they picked?


We picked our speakers as they represent a stella mix of creative and innovation leaders – we are also dedicated to providing a 50-50 on gender diversity.

Our creative leaders include:


Is there a particular type of person that would benefit from the night?


Everyone from our industry would benefit from this event as innovation and creativity are the foundation of our product – we should all have an understanding around current thinking, conflicts and synergies and how the future is being defined.


What should attendees take away from this installment of CS Presents?


A current and varied perspective on the topic – hopefully the debate will trigger some new questions and ideas around what innovation and creativity mean to them and how they fit within their role and everyday life. It should also hopefully give them a narrative to take back into the agency and start conversations there.


Where can I get tickets?


They are sold out!


I can’t attend but want to stay involved, is the event being covered on Social Media?


Yes check out our twitter feed @creativesocial #CSpresents #innovationvscreativity

Also keep an eye on our blog, we will also have a post event review up on our blog a few days after the event


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