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Just Another Manic Monday

Just another Manic MondayFor all those who missed the boat on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Manic Monday swooped in as the last big shopping date for online users. In this post we will be discussing the rise in key calendar dates around the festive season, looking both from a consumer’s perspective and the retailers. We will also hear expertise from leading marketing and advertising agency representatives, to find out first hand what impact these dates are having on the industry.

Manic Monday saw predications of £733 million being spent by consumers.… Read more

Emoji Soars Through The English Language Taking Top Spot From Oxford Dictionary

emojiNearing the end of 2015, we witness Oxford Dictionary pronounce the word of the year as none other than an emoji. More specifically, the ‘Crying with Laughter Face’ or otherwise known as ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ as mentioned on the Oxford Dictionary’s website. This is the first time a pictograph has captured Word of the Year honours.

Many might argue this to be incorrect as an emoji is not a word, it is a symbol. However, with this rising popularity of the emoji trend this year has seen this particular emoji used globally across all language barriers, globally, as a communicative tool.… Read more

Ad of the Month – The Lexus Hoverboard

Lexus HoverboardHovering on excellence – Source LF’s advert of the month


The Lexus Hoverboard campaign was developed at CHI & Partners by Executive Creative Director Jonathan Burley, Creative Director Monty Verdi, Creatives Brad Woolf and Dan Bailey, CEO Nick Howarth, Business Director Jack Shute,Catherine Peacock, Account Director at CHI&Partners, Agency Producers Zoe Barlow, Nikki Cramphorn, Nicola Ridley, Matt Cresswell, Lindsay Hughes and Planner Rebecca Munds.


To begin, this is no illusion. Lexus truly have designed and created a hoverboard. Pumped full of Back To The Future nostalgia, this breakthrough in technology is perhaps every Marty McFly’s dream.… Read more