Freelance Success Strategies

Agency Etiquette for Freelancers: How to Get it Right

If you are a freelancer, you might find yourself working with an agency at some point. Here are some important etiquette for freelancers to keep in mind in this situation. 

Most permanent employees working in a very busy agency will welcome a good freelancer with open arms, because they know that will result in some of the pressure being taken off them.

But sometimes this welcome can be tinged with apprehensions and worries, especially on the staffers’ part. This article gives you some proactive tips on etiquette for freelancers so that you can do everything you can to overcome any negative issues that can arise.… Read more

How to Successfully Go From Freelance Work to Permanent Job

Going From Freelance To Permanent Work

As an ex career freelancer who now wants a permanent job, are you concerned that employers might be less inclined to consider you because of your freelance history? Here’s how to handle this during the freelance to permanent recruitment process and at that crucial interview point.

Many agency recruiters are very familiar with freelance staff and have a healthy respect for them. However to a certain extent they may regard a freelancer as someone who earns a lot, with few commitments, and likes the freedom to disappear when they want to travel and indulge in other pastimes … so being something of a maverick, if a delightful one.… Read more

How to be the Best Paid Freelancer in London

Becoming a freelancer in London isn’t easy. Becoming a high paid freelancer is even trickier. Here are some tricks in building your ability to charge great rates for your work.

New technology has created opportunities for ambitious people to earn a good living from freelance work, particularly in the creative, IT and consultancy sectors. That’s a huge positive for those who don’t want to be shackled to the 9 to 5 chains of an employer.

However, freelancing demands skills in finding and creating opportunities.… Read more