Freelance Success Strategies

Can You Go Freelance Without Quitting Your Day Job?

Can You Go Freelance Without Quitting Your Day JobAre you tempted by the idea of becoming a freelancer, but also worried about walking away from the security of the day job?

Have you considered that it may be possible to do both…


In digital roles such as social media, community management, and analytical roles, typical working hours of 9-5 do not always apply.  Social media content strategies can be dreamt up at night, schedules created after working hours and community management work demands an out of hours presence.… Read more

What To Do When It Goes Quiet – Tips For Finding Freelance Opportunities

What To Do When It Goes Quiet - Tips For Finding Freelance OpportunitiesBeing a freelancer can be unpredictable at times.  There will be weeks where you are inundated with projects and feel like you are burning the midnight oil more than you would like. Then you will an encounter a stark, scary contrast when your inbox is so quiet you find yourself sending test emails to make sure it is actually working.

However the quiet times can be really productive and not necessarily down time. It is all about knowing what to do with the time when you have it.… Read more

How Co-working for Freelancers Can Boost Productivity

Peter Ames from Office Genie considers how co-working for freelancers in shared spaces can offer a great alternative that could really boost your productivity.

If you’re a freelancer, then working from home can be a fantastic option. There’s no bothersome commute, you’re comfortable and best of all it rarely costs a lot. However it can be a distracting environment and one which may ultimately begin to affect your output.

Escape Those Distractions

Of course, one of the main reasons you might want to consider co-working is the escape it offers from the many distractions of the home: This could be anything from family matters to a phone that won’t stop ringing.… Read more