Freelance Success Strategies

Networking for Creative Freelancers

Networking for Creative FreelancersWhen you choose a career as a freelancer, in whatever discipline, you accept that networking has to become a crucial skill. Luckily the business world has an immense amount of networking opportunities, especially within the creative sector. I hope this post will inspire you to give networking a go!

Online Networking For Freelancers

The last decade has seen a shift in the meaning of the term ‘to network’.  No more do you need to don a suit and head out to a breakfast meeting, there are plenty of opportunities online.… Read more

Freelancers – How to Get Paid

Freelancers - How to Get PaidFreelancing: one of the best ways to work, you can choose your own clients, work your own hours, take duvet days when you need them, basically live the life fantastic.


Yes, and no. Being your own boss, means exactly that.  As well as being an outstanding creative director, designer, or project manager you also need to be a book-keeper, debt collector, and accountant.

Because we all like to get paid, no matter how much we do our work out of love.… Read more

Are Freelancers More Creative Than In-House Designers?! Discuss!

Are Freelancers More Creative Than In-House DesignersIt is a contentious issue. Whether freelancers are generally more creative than permanent employees. Naturally both camps have their own strong views. Therefore, whether you are looking to turn a freelance appointment into a permanent role, or want to bring in freelance talent into your agency, you will want to understand how this might affect creativity and be aware of both sides of the argument.

Who Is More Creative?

I’m not picking sides instead I’ll adjudicate, who do you think is the more creative in the Freelance Vs Permanent debate?… Read more