Freelance Success Strategies

Why Good Communication Is Vital For A Successful Freelance Career

Why Good Communication Is Vital For A Successful Freelance CareerIn the ever-growing world of freelancers, you need to stand out from the crowd and put your best foot forward if you want to claim those jobs and clients. If you’re on board with an agency, you’ve already made the ideal first step, but here we’ll show you how to get the edge on your peers.

Freelance Career Tips – Communication

What’s the #1 thing you absolutely must get right as a freelancer?

No matter how skilled you are in your trade, no matter how savvy you are with the numbers, the one thing you need to learn to take your to the next level is communication.… Read more

The Secret to Being a Successful Freelancer

The Secret to Being a Successful FreelancerIt’s hard to be a freelancer.

Okay, let me qualify that statement a little: it’s hard to be a successful freelancer.

When you made the decision to go it alone, you probably didn’t know many other people who were doing the same. You gave up your job and rolled the dice, and you realised quickly that there’s no manual for this. No careers advisor to help you. No easy-to-reach mentor who could guide you through it. As freelancers, we’re often on our own, and we’re making it up as we go along.… Read more

Settling Into Your Freelance Role Quickly

How To Settle Into A Freelance Role QuicklyHere at Source LF we recruit for all sorts of freelance positions. Generally this requires that the freelancer works in-house, rather than working from your own studio or office, and a prerequisite of this is that you need to hit the ground running!

Typically a freelancer might be required to cover maternity leave or a vacancy while a company are recruiting for a permanent position; to work on a specific project for a fixed period of time; or sometimes on a rolling contractual basis to meet demand in a particular area.… Read more