Retaining Great Staff

Are They Paying More? Market Research for Salary Comparison

salary comparisonIn a competitive industry you need competitive salaries. A competitive salary not only helps in the recruitment of talented individuals, but also ensures high retainment levels. Salaries are more-often-than-not the first factor which will attract the attention of possible recruits and is also a representation of how you value your employees. But the benefits and perks provided by an agency can also play a huge part in attracting candidates to a role. So how can you find out the industry standard for certain roles?… Read more

Work Related Stress Doesn’t Have to be a Worry!

Work Related StressStress affects us all at times and if not carefully managed it can cause issues in the workplace. Work related stress is one of the most common reasons for absence and it can also lead to a high turnover of staff, poor decision-making and a decline in employee relations. It is therefore imperative for employers to take care of their employees by reducing stress levels wherever possible. In my experience, there are several ways agencies can address high levels of stress in the workplace.… Read more

Are You Getting On? 5 Tips For Great Employee Relations

employee relationsMany agencies pride themselves on their culture and employee relations. Our industry has a reputation for creating exciting environments to work in and an enthusiastic and committed workforce: how many of your associates in more corporate jobs are envious of your workplace?

However, merely providing a stimulating workplace does not instantly promote positive employee relations, these need to be worked on in other ways too. Employee relations are trust based relationships and include the terms of the employee contract and emotional relations.… Read more