Retaining Great Staff

HR Predictions in 2015 – How to Successfully Hire and Retain Staff

HR Predictions in 2015 – How to Successfully Hire and Retain StaffThere has been a lot of uncertainty in the world of employment in the last few years, but thankfully, things seem to be looking up. It is predicted that there will be employment growth of up to half a million in 2015, which is good news for job seekers. But there are a lot of challenges ahead for employers in 2015, as needs and demands change.

Skills Shortages

In my experience, there is a definite skills shortage within the creative industry, as digital and media experts are more in demand than ever before.… Read more

How to Manage Flexible Working in the Creative Industry

There has been the misconception for some time that unless you work the standard 9-5 hours, you are not really working. This is far from the truth and the world of work is changing and becoming more flexible than ever before. We are beginning to realise the importance of a work life balance; people have family commitments, appointments….or let’s face it, most of us just get tired of the whole daily routine.

With the new legislation on flexible working, which allows employees to make a request to work flexibly, an increasing number of employers are understanding that this can be a positive development for attracting and retaining staff.… Read more

What is Value for Money? Employers vs Employees

What is Value for Money – Employers vs EmployeesIn the world of work it can often be difficult to get the balance right. Employees are seeking more money, whilst employers have tight budgets to manage. This is particularly prevalent in the case of creative freelancers who have highly sought after skills and are free to move wherever they want. These employees will be looking for high rates, but many employers may be reluctant to pay the costs, which means they lose out on highly experienced and qualified individuals.

With the constant salary tug between employers and employees, where is the happy medium?… Read more