Retaining Great Staff

Identifying The Skills Gaps In Your Team: Skills Gap Analysis

Identifying The Skills Gaps In Your TeamIf you notice deteriorating motivation within your team or start to hear negative feedback about certain people or teams then hear those alarms bells ringing. You may have some skills gaps in your team that are causing problems or frustrations.

A skills gap analysis could quickly help you put measures in to resolve the problem.

In the creative industries, a gap in an agency’s high performing teams can create potentially expensive problems: quickly. There are many facets to a creative agency, each as important as the next, and when one part of the agency is weak it jeopardises the whole.… Read more

Recruitment Trends – It’s All About Staff Retention

Recruitment Trends - It’s All About Staff RetentionIt is a candidate’s market, particularly within the creative field. The days are gone where employees stay in the same job for 10 years, so you need to take steps to ensure you retain talented staff in your organisation. A failure to retain staff can cost agencies thousands of pounds, as it not only means going through the entire recruitment process again and the costs incurred here; but also the costs and time of training new employees, and potential agency fees for temporary freelance cover.… Read more

It’s Good To Talk – Open Communication In The Workplace

communicationCommunication is essential in any business, whether large or small. Creating an environment of trust, respect and value. There are many ways to communicate with employees within a business (including face to face meetings, email, Skype and conference calls), in my experience the most successful agencies have an ‘open door’ policy, whereby employees feel comfortable to share their concerns, views and opinions.

Key Benefits Of Open Communication

Open communication is particularly beneficial when an organisation is going through a period of change, as it allows the process to be as seamless as possible, maximising the advantages for the agency.… Read more